Self-Coaching Articles

4 Steps to Reverse-Engineer Your Legacy


... planning, doing, reviewing, adjusting, who has the time? A slight drift is OK, but as time passes, you can get so off track that you no longer see your intended destination and set up camp wherever you end up. Here’s where Living Forward comes in. 


Repetition: Enemy and Hero of the Entrepreneur


... Striking out on your own as an entrepreneur, a founder, a visionary – there are usually no templates, no process maps, no employee handbooks, marketing materials that apply specifically to what you’ve decided to do. 


Is it You, or Is It Them? When Giving … Costs Too Much


... There is a perfect cause for each of us, that doesn’t consume us as we give. Is what you’re giving to your professional life balanced with what you are getting from it? If it isn’t, why not?


Why I’m Ditching the “Sales Funnel” and going Old-School


... If you’ve been producing results … even if was in another industry, I believe that you have options other than using the incessant Sales Funnel. Here are my  Six Steps for Ditching the Sales Funnel (or at least making it very, very narrow and laser-focused). 


Forks in the Road


I find myself at a fork in the road, placing enormous gravity on either choice, professionally speaking. Most of it is in my mind. Most of it isn’t as heavy as I make it out to be. But, most of all – as long as I have a light to close in on, I know I can get there, muddy shoes notwithstanding. That’s my vision for this weekend – refocus on my purpose, my light. 


Letter to Working Moms of Special Needs Kids


It's Mother’s Day 2017 and I’m compelled to reach out to the working mothers whose journey as a mother hasn’t been what they expected, hasn’t been easy.